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We aim for humanity to benefit and restore privacy back to you.

Wandafree is solution developed by Visaero Pte Ltd, Singapore and its subsidiary in Pune. We are an Identity authentication and verification technology Co. whose vision is to build a better world. Our line up of Worlds 1st products are coming soon...


  • Hygiene and social distancing standard.
  • Outlets rated by users as most hygienic.
  • WandaMap works on the simple traffic signal model.

Outlets with green rating represent most hygienic places as rated by the user

Outlets with yellow rating are places rated by users with moderate hygiene

Outlets which are rated red by user are least hygienic places


Rate outlets based on their social distancing and hygiene standards.

Rate outlets based on your actual experience and our guidance tool.

It is easy to rate; takes only 5 seconds.


Do you want to kickstart your business in today's challenging environment?

Do you want to give your customer confidence that you follow social distancing guidelines?

And do you want to accept customers with confidence?

Our benefits are:

Contact-less access

Temperature scanning

Employee hygiene trends

Traffic light model indicators


Private biometric vault to store your personal and medical data.

Vault is secured and encrypted storage with multi-level security access.

You can access the vault only with device biometrics and secret code.

All data is stored only on your smartphone device.

No personal data is stored on our servers.

You can share or digitally shred the data as desired.


E-pass solution to access malls, restaurants, offices, bars and more.

Touch-less solutions for safe access for personal and business use.

E-pass is customized based on your Hygiene Survey, Symptom Survey and Certified Test Reports.

You can share E-pass with family and friends too.

PCR Module

Book a PCR test at the convenience of your home or nearest lab.

All PCR test for COVID-19 are conducted by medically certified and authorized clinical labs.

Get your PCR test reports in your WandaVault.

Register your organization with Wandafree